My business card mentions me being an “embedded systems engineer & software developer”, but I offer a wider range of services to my customers. Be it advice regarding software architecture of a new system or improving an organisation’s business processes, my clients highly estimate my broad knowledge and analytical thinking ability.

Technical consulting, research and development

From designing small embedded systems to complete IoT solutions including cloud hosted backend; I help my customers deal with technical issues of various scales in a fast paced environment.

Services include:

  • Software architecture and development
  • Embedded systems design and hardware prototyping
  • Technology guidance and evaluation
  • Requirements gathering and management

Business consulting

I help R&D and testing organisations at reaching maximum efficiency by improving development practices as well as introducing new tools and technologies. To create self sustaining and improving solutions I focus on agile principles and improved communication.

Teaching and mentoship

In addition to those holistic approaches, I also offer ad-hoc teaching and mentoring services for both technical and non-tech issues.

  • Brainstorming and “What if?” sessions
  • Troubleshooting and debugging
  • Inter-disciplinary communication (management vs. engineering point of view)