I’m a polyglot software developer and have been told to master C# and JavaScript. Also, I’m pretty good with C, C++ and Java. I actually started writing code at age 11.

Beyond that workmanship part of building software, I consider myself to be a software architect, in the way that I successfully implemented well fitting, scaling and maintainable solutions significantly more often than I failed.

I’m proficient with both Windows and Linux as OSes (before you ask, I prefer vim over Emacs, but let’s not fight about that) and use both on a daily basis.

When it comes to databases I’ve worked extensively with MySQL/MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server and Postgres on the relational side of things. On the NoSQL front I’ve made excellent experiences with MongoDB, Redis and InfluxDB. All of them are great and have their applications.

I love to make others more efficient. I’ve done so by introducing teams to better coordination practice and modern development methods (the usual indefinitely long list of catchy words like “continuous integration”, “continuous deployment”, “automated testing”, “containers”, etc…). I’ve seen leaps in productivity occur with practices like pair development. And did I tell you I love Kanban?

On the non-technical side, I speak German, French and English fluently, with the former two being my native languages. Finally I’m a self-admitted coffee aficionado, a rather talented cook and a vinyl-geek.