Hi there! I finally found some time to build a real web site for Staudt Engineering. The previous draft lasted for more than a year and served its purpose as a place-holder, but it never was what I wanted.

This is the second attempt, the first having been giving Ghost a shot. And while I really love the technical aspects of it (Markdown as markup language and it’s well put together overall), I found that it had some rough edges and a surprisingly high cost for the “Pro” (hosted) version. I gave up after a few hours and got back to WordPress which served me well for years (I’ve been running blogs and websites with it since early 2005). Sticking with tool… y’know…

Anyhow. About a day and a half later I’m rather satisfied with the result. The default “TwentySeventeen” template has some neat customization inbuilt, add two or three plug-ins and you can shape it to your will!

So, what’s the deal?

Besides using this site as presentation for business purposes, I want to write some bits about both tech and non-tech topics.

For the next few months the plan is to write a series of posts about my human-centered systems design principles, interleaved with hands-on technical stuff about Docker, ASP.NET Core and C#.

See you soon!